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Hey there, busy entrepreneur! 

You've got a business to run, and you're on the hunt for those no-nonsense, game-changing strategies to skyrocket 🚀 your success. 

Ever thought about the goldmine you're sitting on with Facebook™ groups? 

Well, it's about to get real.

Welcome to the
INSTANT REPLAY: Day 1 Session 1

Where you'll learn how to turn your Facebook™ Group into your best business buddy. 👯‍♀️ 

❌ No more spammy sales techniques

❌No more outdated tips

✅Just solid ways to get more leads and sales than you've dreamed of. 
Sound good? Let's dive in!

This Ain't Your Grandma's Marketing Summit

Listen, we've all been there. Scrolling through endless advice on leveraging Facebook™ Groups, only to find the same tired tactics that make you look like a spammer

Not cool. 👎

But here's the deal. 

We've gathered 24 of the big hitters in Network Marketing and Online Marketing, who'll share the hottest strategies they're using in their Facebook™ Groups *right now*. 

This is real, this is fresh, and best of all, you can start seeing results in just 24 hours. 🤩

It's Time to Turn Up the Volume on Your Facebook™ Group

Facebook™ Groups are like a secret party 🎉 where you can connect with your audience in ways you can't anywhere else. 

With over 1.8 billion people hanging out in Facebook™ groups every month, it's time to get in on the action. 

Let's put it into perspective...

Below shows a graphic of just 1,008 people....

Now can you imagine 💭 the FULL 1.8 billion people just waiting for you inside Facebook™ groups...

The Grow Your Group Summit is your all-access pass to:

  • Creating the Perfect Group: Get the skinny on why you need a Facebook™ group and how to make it a happening place. 👏
  • ​Getting People Talking: Discover how to post stuff that gets likes, shares, and starts real 🗣️ conversations.
  • Making the Sale: Find out how to turn those friendly chats into solid sales 🤑 and bring in new team members.
  • ​Keeping the Party Going: Learn the secret to keeping people coming back to your group day after day. 👀
  • Scoping Out New Prospects: Get the lowdown on how to find potential customers 🛒 without getting booted out.
  • ​Building a Team that Rocks: Learn how to build a killer team culture 👠 right in your group.

Ready to make some noise 💥📢 with your Facebook™ group? 

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It's time to let your Facebook™ group do all the heavy lifting 💪and have some fun while you're at it. 

Get ready to print money from your group and reel in more leads than you can handle.

 Let's do this!

How about You Generate 500+ Leads Every Single Month for you AND YOUR TEAM that turn into customers faster Using The Exact Grow Your Group Facebook™ Strategies top leaders are using  that print money 👏Every 👏Single👏 Month.

These Extremely Duplicatable Facebook™ Group Strategies Will Work For You

INSTANT REPLAY: Day 1 Session 1

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Is your group dead with zero engagement?

My 25 Done-For-You Posts get your members inside your group to start engaging INSTANTLY

Your Host Marina Simone has been featured in:

"She keeps it simple and comes up with the best practical strategies to help anyone with or without experience crush it in their business!"


Top 100 income earner in ALL of network marketing + 
CEO of My Lifestyle Academy LLC

"I've grown my following to over 100k on social media...I've also been able to build out multiple six-figures not only with my branding but I am one rank away from the top rank in my company..." 



"She has been one of the most pivotal parts of my business + team growing bigger and faster than I ever could have imagined."


7 Figure + Earner and Badass Leader Ceo of #bunchabadasses

"I hit $100k annually in my company! Thank you for everything you do!"

Lynn Hendricks

CEO Hendricks Global LLC and Top Earner and Seller in Network Marketing/Social Selling

"It's crazy because with just one free challenge in our Facebook group we got over 3,000 new leads in 1 week and keeps growing organically!"


Top Latino Earner in her Company 
+ CEO Totalbosses 

"Using Marina's strategies we have been able to help our team use social media to enroll new customers and new team members with the ATM method!"


Top Earner for over 20 Years in the Industry of Network Marketing

Dear Network Marketer,

If when trying to sell your products or opportunity from Facebook™ groups comes with any form of struggle such as:

Getting new leads into the group
Getting current leads to engage in the group
Getting those leads to purchase from the group
Getting the group to blow up my business and my teams

...and especially getting your new team members to use it and see the value of it instead of hoping and praying for sales from curiosity posts....

or my favorite...

You get cold feet when it’s time to talk about your business to the people already in the group - you are like the best friend who does it all for someone else then never asks for anything back AKA people pleaser getting you stuck in the friend zone...

That is Such a shame!

And if the above promise of Generating 50+ Leads Every Single Month for you AND YOUR TEAM got your heart racing, blood pumping, and you wondering if somebody is playing trickery on you...

...then close all other tabs, send the kids to their daddy or nanny, close the door because you are about to read the most exciting BRAND NEW SUMMIT you’ve heard all year

Here’s why,

Most network marketing advice around building a group that prints money for you and your team are either outdated or very salesy and if used would leave you becoming the “new spammy Tammy marketer meme” on Facebook™ or Instagram™ 

So, I created the BRAND NEW GROW YOUR GROUP SUMMIT and invited 28 top earners in the Network Marketing and Online Marketing Space to teach you HOW they are using Facebook groups NOW.

Not yesterday.

But today and tomorrow.

And after 3 days together with me, I want to hand over these strategies so you can copy and paste them too and start seeing results in legit 24 hours. 

"How do I grow a group 2022 on Facebook?"

This is the most asked question right now when you search google.
Along with...

So let me ask you,

With the searches on Youtube, Google, and yes even Pinterest of people wanting to grow their Facebook groups...

Do you think that groups are kind of a big deal in growing your direct sales/network marketing business?

I started to search even more to prove it to you.

According to Blogging Wizard,

"Facebook is the world’s third most trafficked website

It’s often said that Facebook is a dying platform that’s ‘on its way out’, so to speak. However, the stats show a different reality.

Contrary to popular opinion, Facebook doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and continues to command a huge share of internet traffic."

"Over 1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups

There are millions of Facebook Groups on the platform through which people can connect with other like-minded individuals and share their thoughts, information, and ideas. 

There are also 70 million group admins and moderators working hard to oversee those Facebook groups."

I would say that Facebook groups aren't going anywhere and I would argue that if you aren't using one you are leaving money on the table.


Like Shalga here… ("200 new leads in the group, I've had 2 orders, 180 comments" all in one hour)

📆  INSTANT REPLAY: Day 1 Session 1

Who the heck is Marina Simone?

Hey, Marina here and 11 short years ago, I was a broke single mum looking to get her car back from being repossessed while I was at work and to worsen it all…

Because I was stuck in a cubicle..I missed my daughter taking her first steps and felt like the worst mom ever 

"What else would I miss in her daughter’s life if I continued this way?" I thought to myself...

It was later that month an old friend from high school told me I could make money from a supplement, and I was sold, but instead of finding success, I never made 1 dollar from 2 years in my first network marketing company.

Giving up was not an option as I could not imagine failing my daughter again and that was when:

I discovered these strategies that I will share with you and went on to build a

 100,000+ Customer And Distributorship Base
 In Less Than 2 Years

With no influencer support or sugar daddies LOL, I have built a 7 figure income business using these exact same strategies I will share with you in the 3 Day Virtual Grow Your Group Summit.   (and yep i Said no sugar daddies LOL)

And it’s not just me,

I also gave these strategies to over 6,258 network marketers and many of them have gone from broke/without sales to making sales every day, many have done 6 figures + a year and many 7 figure a year in their network marketing businesses all from social media. 

And in the 3 Day Virtual Grow Your Group Summit, I would be giving you these EXACT strategies to use to get 20-100+ leads without being spammy or salesy.

Meet the Top Earners You Will Be Learning From:

Host & Speaker: 
Marina Simone

Multiple 7 Figure Earner, Brand Strategist, top 10 Branding Coach in Yahoo Finance, top 1% Female Earner In Network Marketing, Launch Strategist for leaders in network Marketing

Topic: How to use ChatGPT to create value posts inside your atm groups

Built a group of almost 100K with over 30 million in sales since She started in 2018

John & Nadya Melton

Topic: How to run a team Facebook group for quick duplication and faster wins

MLA Facebook Group has over 35K members and ATM group where we Have Over 42K members

Marisa Hernandez

Topic: Creating a unique brand to bring your Facebook group to life and have your leads wanting to automatically join + members wanting to represent you

branded over 300+ Network Marketers inside the Money Maker Branding Kit  + Network marketing on Demand to Help Social Sellers and Marketers brand their Facebook Group + Profiles 

Michelle Cunningham

Topic: Automating Your Facebook Group to Create Tons of New Clients In Less Time

Built A Facebook Group of over 13,000 that Generates Massive Sales on Autopilot 

Kate McShea

Topic: How To Leverage Case Study Interviews To Maximize Sales

Jenn Cooper


helped a quiet community of 500 grow to an engaged group of 20,000 in 2 years

Tanya Aliza

Topic: how to leverage Freebies in your group to give irresistible value so people are excited to stay engaged while you build a wildly profitable email list

Christine Burke

Topic: Cultivating an Electric Atmosphere: Strategies for Building and Maintaining High-Energy Facebook Groups

built her Social Media Collective Facebook community 100% organically from scratch to over 500 fans & launched group coaching courses + private clients

Darin Kidd

Topic: Amplify Your Sales: Mastering Live Video Strategies within Facebook Groups 

Sonia Rodríguez

Topic: How to set up a Facebook ATM group that converts leads and what to post to get members engaged​​

Yasmin Pascua

Topic: How to use giveaways to grow your group

Jennifer Tarango

Topic: How to use free challenges to drive more leads into a Facebook group 

Grew a group to over 10,000+ in just 8 months

Karrie Augustine Boyle

Topic: How to drive people from your project broadcast to exclusive events and giveaways inside your Facebook group + from your Facebook group to your Project Broadcast

Natasha Roberson

Topic: Empower Your Team: Quick-Start Resource Boards for Streamlined Group Management, Engaging Content Creation, and Effective Outreach Scripts!

Whitney Carrión

Topic: Boost Conversions with Consistent Product Education in Your Facebook Group!

Ryan McMorris

Topic: How to use Tiktok™ to grow your facebook™ group

Staci Hall

Topic: Mastering Short Video Pitches: Proven Scripts to Ignite Engagement and Guide Seamless DM Transitions into Your Facebook Groups

Janet Parks

Topic: Unlock Maximum Engagement, The Ultimate Post Types for Your Facebook Group!

Lindsay Walters

Topic: How to revive and reengage with a potential prospect that’s went mute in a Facebook group

Meet Our Panelists:

Barb Niles

Dayna Huddy

Jennifer Serfer

Melinda Kuszelyk

Mimi Sheffer

Sarah Lovely

Andrea Knapp

Crystal Gifford

Emily Smiley

Jen Quam

Krista Sanborn

Krystal Spink

Pherah Bodolay

Scott Khouri

These Social Media Strategies These Top Earners Will Share With You ARE NOT what you will see in network marketing books, Youtube videos, or mini courses.

99% of the strategies in those don’t work anymore and give the industry a bad name

With these strategies, you won’t be spamming anyone, making your leads inside the group feel uncomfortable, or begging for the sales from the same customers over and over again.

And you for sure will not feel like you are pulling teeth to get a comment on a post inside the group.

Instead, learn how some of the top leaders in just 10 Mins A Day Get Hundreds of Comments Daily on posts and live videos

Even if your Facebook group is crickets 💤 right now and you have no idea how to get the right people in the group, 

Like Dena,

We will hand over to you the strategies to get your group members up!

You will get the exact step by step tutorial to get the job done and the push to do it imperfectly such that your confidence goes up and you begin to see results 

Top Network Marketers from across the world in all different companies will be giving you the goods of how they build top teams that duplicate.

📆 Get The INSTANT REPLAY: Day 1 Session 1

“Hold on Marina, are you going to use a magic wand? 💫 How shall these things be?”

Snap in that seat belt, because I’m about to take you on a ride of your life these 3 days:
Day 1:
We will help you leverage groups so you can hit those ranks faster and finally make more $ by learning how to get more people into your groups for your personal leads and for your team as well! WARNING*You might start standing out to your upline more by having this ONE strategy blow up your groups and sale$!
Day 2
Print Money From Your Group While You Sleep Strategies. You will get an inside sneak peak to 6+ Top Earners secrets to building a group that gets sales for YOU and your team while you sleep!
Day 3
Branding Your Community Get a step by step tutorial from the Brand Imagery Experts on how to make your group THE group to join around your niche.
Get Messages Just Like This From  Leads Because Your ENERGY IS Irresistible To Them:

Now here are some FREE bonuses you will be getting for signing up


Bonus #1: Special Surprise Gift From Me Loaded Inside the Facebook
(Value Over $497)

Bonus #2: SOS Facebook™  Tracker
(Value $47)

  • How to Educate, Entertain, and Empower your following and get them to click LIKE or to COMMENT! 
  • ​​How many times a day you should be posting on Facebook™ to avoid SPAMMING your following! 
  • ​​How to drive up your Facebook™ posts and be seen by more leads! 

Bonus #3: SOS Instagram™ Tracking Guide
(Value $47)

  • Be seen MORE on the Instagram™ feed 
  • ​​Stand out from the other network marketers on the platform
  • ​Get HIGHER engagement and become unforgettable

Bonus #4: SOS TikTok™ Tracker To Generate More Leads (Value $37)

  • Get specific daily action steps to generate even more leads from your TikTok's™
  • ​Understand what type of videos you should be putting out weekly 
  • ​Printable PDF guide to keep track each week

The 3-Day Virtual Grow Your Group Summit usually goes for $297 in past editions and the bonuses on their own sell for $797 but today I want to give you access for $97

Why only $97? Well I chose to charge $97 because it is affordable for more people than a price like $197 or $497 and hence more people will sign up which allows more people to experience how I work 

So for a very limited time before we change strategy or move the price up, I’m giving away this Instant Replay Access to the 3-Day Virtual Grow Your Group Summit for just $97

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

xo Marina Simone

P.S. In case you're one of those people who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm giving you Instant Replay Access to the 2022 3-Day Virtual Grow Your Group Summit where you will learn how about to Generate 50+ Leads Every Single Month for you AND YOUR TEAM that turn into customers faster Using The Exact Grow Your Group Facebook™ Strategies top leaders are using that print money 👏Every 👏Single👏 Month.

All you pay is a tiny $97.

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